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The Northern Spire


The Sunderland history pages explore the history of Sunderland, a former shipbuilding town and now a city at the mouth of the River Wear in what was historically County Durham. The heart of Sunderland developed from three different but closely linked places called Bishopwearmouth, Monkwearmouth and ‘Old’ Sunderland. Like Jarrow on the Tyne to the north Monkwearmouth has links to the Anglo-Saxon age and the Venerable Bede. The Wearside towns of Washington – the original Washington – Hetton and Houghton are covered here as is the famed Wearside landmark of Penshaw Monument.

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Sunderland History Pages

Empire Theatre and Dun Cow

Sunderland Centre : Bishopwearmouth

St Peter's church Monkwearmouth


Sunderland's Holy Trinity church

Old Sunderland : The ‘East End’

Tall Ships Sunderland 2018

Northern Sunderland

The coast at Hendon

Sunderland South of the Wear

Bottle works

Sunderland Industries

Mackems at work from Rains Eye plan


Washington Old Hall


Penshaw Monument

Penshaw and Worm Hill


Hetton Lyons Park



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