North East History

History of North East England. A year by year timeline of North East England’s History. From prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. Click in the coloured segments on the Timeline below to discover the key events of each era.

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Our 'clickable' timeline covers the history of North East England over 12,000 years.

The prehistory of the first 10,000 years is shown by the timeline on the left of the image, while the timeline on the right links to the recorded events of the last 2,000 years.

Colours represent different eras of time, broken into smaller year by year sections covering themed periods, such as the 'Wars of the Roses'. These sections will also include other notable local events from that time.

Prehistory Prehistoric eras Iron Age Roman Conquest Hadrian's Wall 122-180 Roman 3rd century End of Roman rule Bernicia and Deira to 593 Æthelfrith and Edwin King Oswald St Cuthbert Age of Bede Northumbria Downfall Jorvik Irish Norse 900A Eric Bloodaxe Dunholm 1031-1066 Norman North Prince Bishops Part of Scotland Bishop Pudsey King John and Henry III Bruce and Balliol Hotspur Percy Wars of the Roses Tudor North East Late Tudor and Elizabethan Civil War Cromwell to Queen Anne Georgian North East Locomotive Age New towns Age of Iron Electric light, leisure and football 1901-1919 1920-1937 World War Two 1950s and 60s 1970s and 80s 1990s 21st Century Roman era Northumbria Norman and Medieval Tudor and Stuart Georgian and Victorian Modern time 21st Century The 2020s

Modern time

North East England History and Culture