North East Quiz 5

Test your North East knowledge. Some more summer time quiz questions to test your knowledge of the History of North East England.

West Auckland World Cup
Sculpture commemorating a World Cup victory of 1909. It was unveiled by Sir John Hall, David Ticer Thomas and Tim Healy in 2013 © David Simpson

1. Which County Durham village won the football World Cup in 1909 and 1911?

2. Where would you find Britain’s oldest surviving church dedication inscription?

3. Laidley, Lambton, Longwitton and Sockburn are all examples of North East what?

4. Which Newcastle street was known as Vicus Peregronium before 1230?

Spirit of the Staithes, Blyth.
Spirit of the Staithes, © David Simpson

5. Where would you find a sculpture called the Spirit of the Staithes?

6. Who said of a Barnard Castle establishment “There is good ale at the King’s Head. Say you know me and I am sure they will not charge you for it.”?

7. What name is given to the Stowell Street area of Newcastle?

8. The historic church at Coniscliffe (which means King’s Cliff) near Darlington is dedicated to which Northumbrian king and saint?

9. What was the name of the Willington Quay-born TV anchorman who hosted regional TV news magazine programmes in the region from 1962 until his retirement in 2005?

10. The Rey Cross near the A66 to the west of Barnard Castle is situated near the site where which 10th century Viking king and warrior met his end in an ambush?

Roman town site at Corbridge
Corstopitum © David Simpson

11. Which North East town was known to the Romans as Corstopitum (or Coriosopitum)?

12. What do the towns of Yarm on Tees, Warkworth and the City of Durham all have in common?

13. The Winning in the name of Esh Winning, a village in County Durham, refers to winning what?

14. Which North East town was described by the Prime Minister Gladstone as “an infant Hercules”?

Lumley Warriors, Chestr-le-Street church
Warriors, Chester-le-Street church

15. A series of medieval family effigies in the parish church at Chester-le-Street are known as the what Warriors?

16. Which North East comedian and actor was born at Cramlington in 1976?

The South Tyne from Langley viaduct.
View from the Lambley viaduct © David Simpson

17. The impressive Lambley Viaduct crosses which North East river?

18. In which North East town would you find the river feature called The Thrum?

19. In which North East range of hills might you find Happy Valley?

Hobthrush or St Cuthbert's Isle
St Cuthbert’s Isle viewed from Lindisfarne © David Simpson

20. What is the alternative name for St Cuthbert’s Isle which lies just off the shore of its larger neighbour, Lindisfarne?

21. Comedian and TV’s Pointless Presenter, Alexander Armstrong was born in which North East town?

22. Where would you find the Octagon, a former 18th century customs house who the architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner suggested was “perhaps an after-dinner idea of Vanbrugh’s”?

The Octagon. The architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner suggested that it was “perhaps an after-dinner idea of Vanbrugh’s” © David Simpson

23. What remarkable invention was demonstrated at Newcastle’s Literary and Philosophical Society in February 1879 and what was the name of its creator?

24. Found in the valleys of Northumberland and in the northern parts of County Durham what is a linn?

25. What is the name of the castle near Darlington built by Thomas Jennison, the Auditor of Ireland in 1603? It is now a hotel.

Walworth Castle
Castle near Darlington. See question 25 © David Simpson

26. Where would you find a Saxon and a Norman church, only metres apart, respectively known as ‘The White Church’ and ‘The Black Church’?

27. What is the name of the historian and TV presenter who was born in Lagos, Nigeria but raised in Gateshead to a British mother?

28. What links Hexham Abbey; a church at Bywell; the historic parish church of Corbridge and the medieval church at Gallowgate in Newcastle?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Poet born at Coxhoe Hall

29. Which famous poet (pictured) was born at Coxhoe Hall near Durham?

30. The Conyers Falchion, a sword in the possession of Durham Cathedral is associated with which legend and famous poem?

31. What beautiful creation produced around 715 AD is attributed to the Northumbrian monk and bishop, Eadfrith?

32. What remarkable feature can be found within the rocky banks of the River Coquet near Warkworth?

33. What famous drink was invented by William Owen, a chemist in Newcastle’s Barras Bridge in 1927?

34. What is the name of the Teesside-born novelist whose works include Union Street, Century’s Daughter and the Regeneration Trilogy?

Beamish Museum
Beamish Museum © David Simpson

35. What was the name of the Yorkshire-born founder of Beamish Museum?

36. What institution established to the west of Durham City in 1808 began life at Douai in France in 1568 but relocated to England in the aftermath of the French Revolution?

37. Who was the author of A General History of Quadrupeds published in 1790?

38. What was the name of the sixteenth century rector of Houghton-le-Spring, who set out for Northumberland each winter to evangelise amongst the wild border folk of Northumberland?

39. Which North East town was the birthplace of football heroes, Bobby Charlton, Jack Charlton and Jackie Milburn?

40. What was the name (and also the location) of the battle on Tyneside in 1640 that was a major prelude the English Civil War?

Answers Below



  1. West Auckland.
  2. St Paul’s church, Jarrow.
  3. They are all worm legends.
  4. Pilgrim Street.
  5. Blyth.
  6. Charles Dickens.
  7. Chinatown.
  8. King Edwin.
  9. Mike Neville.
  10. Eric Bloodaxe.
  11. Corbridge.
  12. All situated within loops (meanders) of rivers.
  13. Winning of coal.
  14. Middlesbrough.
  15. The Lumley Warriors.
  16. Ross Noble.
  17. South Tyne.
  18. Rothbury.
  19. Cheviots.
  20. Hobthrush.
  21. Rothbury.
  22. Seaton Sluice.
  23. Light Bulb (incandescent lamp). Joseph Swan.
  24. Waterfalls.
  25. Walworth Castle.
  26. Bywell.
  27. Professor David Olusoga.
  28. All dedicated to St Andrew.
  29. Elizabeth Barrett (later Elizabeth Barrett Browning).
  30. The Sockburn Worm and Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’.
  31. Lindisfarne Gospels.
  32. Hermitage.
  33. Lucozade.
  34. Pat Barker.
  35. Frank Atkinson.
  36. Ushaw College.
  37. Beamish.
  38. Bernard Gilpin.
  39. Ashington.
  40. Newburn.