Explore the magic of sculpture at Cheeseburn

Looking for somewhere a bit different to visit in the North East? You could try out Cheeseburn Sculpture Gardens near Stamfordham in Northumberland about 10 miles west of Newcastle.

Cheeseburn Grange Hall © Colin Davison @ Rosella Studios
Cheeseburn Grange Hall © Colin Davison @ Rosella Studios

Along narrow and winding country roads, you will find Cheeseburn. For those unaware, Cheeseburn encompasses Cheeseburn Grange Hall, a sprawling home with a rich and diverse history dating back to the 1200s; the magnificent sculpture gardens, which have been painstakingly restored to their former glory; the Chapel, which plays host to a range of artistic events, and the Stables Gallery, with its ever-changing programme of curated exhibitions.

Founded by Joanna Riddell in 2014, Cheeseburn is open for six weekends a year, Cheeseburn is somewhat of a special occasion; tangible yet intangible, a visit to this magical venue is a memory to treasure. Each open weekend features a carefully-selected exhibition, alongside some sixty other sculptures situated within ten acres of landscaped gardens.

Add to this the annual Gillian Dickinson North East Young Sculptor of the Year (GDNEYS) – an annual competition for emerging artists and sculptors to receive mentoring and career guidance, with one selected to deliver a £6,500 commission – and Cheeseburn makes for a wonderful day out in Northumberland.

From talking to Cheeseburn’s curator, Matthew Jarratt, it’s clear that they are passionate about arts and culture. “At Cheeseburn, we love to offer sculptors at all stages of their career the opportunity to exhibit their work, as well as allowing them to experiment with new ideas,” Matthew notes, adding, “We hope to delight visitors, and challenge perceptions of what sculpture can be.” Past exhibitions at Cheeseburn are testament to that: from the spectacular stainless-steel sculptures of Chinese artist, Qi Yafeng to Joseph Hillier’s marrying of traditional techniques with modern technology.
Stay in the loop about Cheeseburn’s 2019 season by visiting www.cheeseburn.com

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Cheeseburn is situated on the B6324 (Stamfordham Road) 10 miles west of Newcastle at:
Cheeseburn Grange, Stamfordham, Northumberland NE18 0PT

Jewels of emotion admired beyond our inspirational shores

A North East-based jewellery designer who has received commissions from all over the world is celebrating three successful years in business this January.

Jewellery designer, Pete Noble
Jewellery designer, Pete Noble

In that time the wonderful creations of talented designer, Pete Noble, have attracted admirers from distant corners of the World. His beautiful ‘edgy’ designs have sold to customers as far away as Hawaii as well as widely across the UK.

Originally from Cumbria, Pete moved to Whitley Bay in 2010. He was working as a calibration technician but started making silver jewellery in his spare time with many of his designs drawing  inspiration from our region’s stunning coastline.

Pete’s company, Edgy Metal was established back in 2016 and it has proved a natural progression of his talents and passion:

“I’ve always been a practical, hands-on kind of person” says Pete.

“I’ve worked in various roles since I was 14, and I’ve always enjoyed making things and inventing solutions for everyday problems.”

The first piece of jewellery Pete ever made was a necklace for his wife, shortly after their first child was born, in 2011. Still designing jewellery as a hobby, Pete’s first design was strewn with emotions and meaning. Having asked his wife to marry him inside one of the Egyptian pyramids, Pete drew inspiration from the Egyptian culture for his first creation.

“The pendant was made up of Egyptian and Roman symbols and the necklace was set with a triangular Tsavorite Garnet, the birthstone of my wife and daughter. The shape is significant because the triangle is the symbol of femininity. Finally, the whole design is symbolic of the three of us holding on to each other,” Pete reflects.

Pete Noble's first creation inspired by Egyptian culture.
Pete Noble’s first creation, a necklace inspired by Egyptian culture.

The success of this first piece spurred Pete on to design more jewellery with a story and, when he was made redundant during Christmas 2015, he decided to invest all of his time and energy into building Edgy Metal into a full-time business.

“The redundancy provided me with the opportunity to explore a number of designs I’d been thinking about for a while. The Unbroken Heart was a pendant that I’d wanted to produce for a few months, so I set about designing a prototype of that and launched Edgy Metal on New Year’s Day, 2016. Since that time, I haven’t looked back and have more than doubled my catalogue of products from around 21 to 57.

The Unbroken Heart. Jewellery designed by Pete Noble.
The Unbroken Heart. Jewellery designed by Pete Noble.

“The Unbroken Heart is still my most popular piece of jewellery. It’s a pendant inspired by the story of a broken heart. It’s a reminder that broken hearts can mend – they become unbroken – and why not mend them with gold stitches? I’ve been told that the story behind the Unbroken Heart resonates with a lot of my customers because they want their jewellery to have meaning and reflect their own stories.”

During the three years that Pete has been designing and making jewellery full-time, he’s received commissions from all over the world, including Canada, Hawaii and Japan.

“All of my jewellery can be posted so I’m lucky that I’m not restricted to selling to the local area – in fact, I sell more jewellery throughout the rest of the UK and abroad than I do in my own area,” said Pete.

Pete works mostly with Sterling silver and designs bold, chunky jewellery inspired by emotions, family and nature. He plans to expand his catalogue of products with at least two new designs during 2019

For more information about Edgy Metal and Pete’s jewellery designs, visit www.edgymetal.com

Stunning, timeless timelapse for the North East

DAVID SIMPSON talks to Newcastle creative video and photography agency MEDIA BORNE about an exciting project to create a unique timelapse record of the North East.

Aerial view of the Tyne Bridges by Media Borne
Aerial view of the Tyne Bridges by Media Borne

Newcastle-based creative film production and photography agency, Media Borne, describe themselves as “complete all-rounders” and it’s hard to disagree.

Corporate, web and event photography are amongst their professional skills and they likewise shine in the field of video production, whether for online content, corporate demos or training videos. However, this is a company that goes just that bit further, offering a comprehensive 360° service; including drone-based aerial photography and stunning time lapse films.

Recently, the ever-photogenic city of Newcastle has featured in one of their time lapse productions, created for a local business. Produced to showcase a specific location in Newcastle for a property-related client, the video has been a great success with an impressive reach on YouTube and Facebook.

The video’s success set directors Chris Thompson and Gavin Forster thinking that they could take the idea further with the prospect of producing a time-lapse film, featuring iconic images of the wider North East.

“People in the northeast love being from the area, and to be able to capture peoples’ intrigue about the wider region and highlight some of the places that people may not have visited is a great platform for discussion between businesses and also the wider community” said Director of Videography, Chris, a former Newcastle Film School graduate.

Media Borne clients have included local businesses such as Port of Blyth, Huntley Plant and Bowe Digital, while nationally and internationally they have worked with the National Trust, the BBC, The Royal Armouries, Buzzfeed, ENEL, Taco Bell and Accenture.

Together the two directors have a wealth of experience and expertise in their fields drawing on Gavin’s eight years experience of award winning photography and Chris’s experience delivering high quality corporate videos. In addition, Chris has 5 years experience of flying a range of professional drones and is a CAA fully qualified drone pilot.

Gavin Forster and Chris Thompson of Media Borne
Gavin Forster and Chris Thompson of Media Borne

Drone filming is increasingly popular but Media Borne have particular pride in creating timelapse and hyperlapses. A North East focused timelapse film featuring the wider region certainly sounds like an exciting project with the mouth watering prospect of seeing stunning locations showcased by uniquely talented videography. It’s also a project that would include super opportunities for local businesses and North East partners to get behind, so they should certainly take note.

The plan is to bring partners into the project and allow ‘sponsorship’ of certain locations to help facilitate the wider reach for the scheme. All of those involved would be tagged in each post of the film and logos featured.

A timeless opportunity to feature in a beautiful, inspiring time lapse project showing off some of the best of the glorious North East.

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