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A human is a bundle of energy gathering protons, neutrons and electrons
Humans are Energy Gatherers 78-year-old Durham-based science writer ALBERT SIMPSON is the author of a new science book ‘Energy is Everything’
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Life behind the lens of a North East photographer
Helen Gildersleeve speaks to award winning North East photographer Chris Booth to find out about his life behind the camera
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Brewing up a Great North East Book
Award-winning beer writer ALASTAIR GILMOUR has just published The Great North East Brewery Guide, a book that celebrates the region’s proud tradition of
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The past is a wonderful place to visit but it’s not a place to permanently stay
DAVID SIMPSON reflects on finding a balance between looking back and looking forward in defining the future of North East England
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Tyneside Pride : Who is a Geordie?
DAVID SIMPSON explores the origins of the word ‘Geordie’ and the changes in its meaning over two centuries. Also see
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From local fun run to the world’s best half marathon
This year’s Great North Run is fast approaching. HELEN GILDERSLEEVE  finds out some interesting facts and regales her own experiences of
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From whisky and flour to an unbeatable music hub
The Cluny: HELEN GILDERSLEEVE explores the history behind the popular Ouseburn Valley venue. Even rare pub goers in the region will
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