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kateadieKate Adie OBE

Born 1945.

War Zone Reporter


Former TV news reporter for the BBC best-known for her seemingly fearless war reports from scenes of conflict. War reporting was very much a male-dominated field at that time. Born in Whitley Bay, Adie was adopted as a baby by new parents in Sunderland where she was raised. Educated at Sunderland Church High School and Newcastle University, Adie began her broadcasting career at BBC Radio Durham, progressing to BBC regional TV news in the south of England and then national TV news. She was the first TV reporter on the scene for the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 from which she reported live.

University of Sunderland’s Kate Adie Collection

airySir George Airy


Greenwich Meridian Man


Mathematician, astronomer and an Astronomer Royal, born Alnwick. Important for studies of planetary orbits, for calculating the mean density of the earth and establishing Greenwich as the Prime Meridian.

The Greenwich Meridian : Where East Meets West

akensideMark Akenside


Poet and Physician


English poet and physician, born Newcastle upon Tyne. His most notable work was The Pleasures of Imagination published in 1744 and inspired by a visit to Morpeth. He is remembered in the Newcastle street-name Akenside Hill and in the caricature of a republican doctor in Tobias Smollett’s Adventures of Peregrine Pickle.

The Pleasures of Imagination : A Poem

alcockCharles W. Alcock


Inventor of the FA Cup


Sunderland-born sportsman and sports administrator who dreamt up and instigated the FA Cup competition. The Harrow educated Alcock also organised the world’s first football international and the world’s first cricket international.

thomasallenSir Thomas Allen CBE

Born 1944

Singer of Seaham


Renowned baritone opera singer and the Chancellor of Durham University since 2011. Educated Ryhope Grammar School and the Royal College of Music. Allen was born in the mining town of Seaham Harbour.  Although he is a singer, his story provided inspiration for the character Billy Elliot in the movie of that name.

jimmyallanJimmy Allen (or Allan)


Wayward Gipsy Piper


Gipsy piper (Northumbrian pipes) born near Rothbury in Northumberland. He was an adopted member of the Faw gipsy clan and was a cattle thief, horse-thief, bigamist, gambler and piper to the Countess of Northumberland. Despite his wayward ways he was esteemed for his great talent at playing the pipes and is thought to have composed pipe tunes such as Salmon Tails. In 1803  he was arrested at Gateshead for horse theft and imprisoned in a cell beneath Elvet Bridge in Durham City for the rest of his days. His ghost reputedly haunts this cell (now part of a pub) where he died shortly before a pardon arrived for his release.

alistairandersonAlistair Anderson

Born 1948

Northern Folk Man


North East folk musician and composer. A Northumbrian piper and renowned English concertina player. He is the founder of Folkworks at Sage Gateshead a founding organisation of Sage which hosts workshops, summer schools and festivals promoting and encouraging folk music. Anderson has performed in numerous tours across Europe, the USA and Australia.

paulandersonPaul Anderson

Born 1948

Resident Evil Director


Film director whose movies include the Resident Evil series, Mortal Kombat and Alien vs Predator. He was born in Wallsend and educated at Gosforth and Newcastle’s Royal Grammar School.

annandRichard Annand VC


Victoria Cross Winner


Born in South Shields, Annand was the first member of the British army to be awarded a Victoria Cross in the Second World War. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Durham Light Infantry serving in Belgium. During the night of May 15-16, 1940 he defended an attack from opposing forces across a river, by solely venturing onto a broken bridge amidst heavy fire. Armed with grenades he took out a German party involved in repairing the bridge. Following a further attack he ventured again into enemy territory with grenades and was wounded. After his troops were ordered to withdraw he learned his wounded personal servant was left behind so returned to rescue him using a wheelbarrow before losing consciousness from his own wounds. He was awarded the VC in 1940 and promoted to Captain in 1948. A Deputy Lieutenant for County Durham from 1956, he lived in retirement in Durham City.

List of VC Recipients

alexanderarmstrongAlexander Armstrong

Born 1970

Philosophically Pointless


TV presenter, comedian and actor born in Rothbury, Northumberland. He was educated at Stocksfield and at Durham School. Presenter of the popular quiz show Pointless and President of the esteemed ‘Lit and Phil’ – The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne.

BBC Pointless

alunarmstrongAlun Armstrong

Born 1946

Quintessential North East Actor


Prolific, instantly recognisable and versatile TV and film actor born Annfield Plain in County Durham. He made his film debut in Get Carter in 1971 and has appeared in countless TV and movie roles since then as well as many appearances as a stage actor. In addition to portraying characters with a distinctly North East flavour, Armstrong has appeared in a wide range of dramas and theatre productions including Dickensian TV adaptations and Shakespearean roles, extensively performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Les Misérables and the title role in Sweeney Todd are amongst the many roles that Armstrong has tackled in a long and distinguished career.

Alun Armstrong showreels

tommyarmstrongTommy Armstrong


The Pitman Poet


Tommy Armstrong of Tanfield Lea, born in Shotley Bridge, was a songwriter known as the ‘Pitman Poet’ or ‘Bard of the Northern Coalfield’. His songs include Wor Nanny’s a Mazor,  The Trimdon Grange Explosion, The Durham Lockout and Durham Jail where he was briefly imprisoned for drunkenly stealing a pair of stockings from a shop because he thought they would suit his bandy legs. Another song, The Oakey Strike Evictions recalls the eviction of striking miners at Stanley from their homes by police (pollises) assisted by candymen – rough, hardened men, who were often dockside down and outs paid to undertake the brutal work.

sirwilliamarmstrongSir William Armstrong


Industrial Wizard


Born in Shieldfield, Newcastle, William Armstrong, later Lord Armstrong, was a genius engineer, an armaments manufacturer, hydro-electricity pioneer, international businessmen, inventor, scientist and owner of Cragside House and Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. He was educated at Whickham and at Bishop Auckland where he developed a keen interest in the activities of a local engineering works operated by William Ramshaw and a keen interest in Ramshaw’s daughter, Margaret, who he would marry in 1835. Armstrong trained as a solicitor for five years but his career in law was short-lived and he pursued his interests in engineering, developing a rotary engine which he employed a friend to manufacture at a works in High Bridge, Newcastle. Further developments by Armstrong led to the manufacture of a piston engine and a hydraulic crane that proved a great success. He purchased land at Elswick for a business manufacturing hydraulic equipment and cranes. Customers included the docks at Liverpool and Grimsby. He turned his attention to making armaments at Elswick developing a breech loading gun (he would supply both sides in the American Civil War). Branching out into making naval guns necessitated the movement of ships up river to Elswick, bringing about the removal of the old stone-built Tyne Bridge which Armstrong replaced with his Swing Bridge of 1876. From 1835 Armstrong had resided in a house (since demolished) in Jesmond Dene  but in 1863 he purchased land near Rothbury where the architect Richard Norman Shaw would develop the spectacular mansion of Cragside. With its magnificent landscaped grounds set within the Northumbrian hills, Cragside was the first house in the world lit by hydro-electricity using lighting developed by Joseph Wilson Swan. Armstrong donated the beautiful grounds of his old home of Jesmond Dene to the people of Newcastle upon Tyne as a park in a philanthropic gesture.

jamesarthurJames Arthur

Born 1988.

Boro Boy Singer


Middlesbrough-born singer and songwriter. Raised in Redcar and Bahrain he made his name through a TV talent show and regularly tops the music charts.

James Arthur Official website

ovearupOve Arup


Structural Engineer


Influential architectural and structural engineer born in Newcastle upon Tyne to a Danish mother and Norwegian father. One of his most notable works is the Kingsgate footbridge in Durham City.

About Arup

bamburghÆthelfrith, King  of Bernicia


First King of Northumbria


Æthelfrith was grandson of King Ida (see also) whose kingdom of Bernicia was based in North East England. Æthelfrith’s capital was Din Guarie, a coastal fortress renamed Bebbanburgh meaning Bebba’s fort and now called Bamburgh. It was named from Æthelfrith’s wife, Queen Bebba. Æthelfrith seized control of the rival kingdom of Deira (in east Yorkshire) in 604AD to effectively become the first king of all Northumbria – a name given to the land north of the Humber. Æthelfrith was killed in battle at Bawtry (near Doncaster) fighting Raedwald, King of East Anglia. Æthelfrith’s young son, Oswald (see also) fled into exile in Scotland and Æthelfrith was succeeded by Edwin of Deira as king.

Timeline of Northumbria

frankatkinsonFrank Atkinson CBE


Beamish Visionary


Yorkshire-born visionary founder of the award-winning Beamish Museum in County Durham who had a great passion for industrial archaeology and social history. Atkinson was curator at the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle when he developed a vision for an open-air museum. Initial collections for the new museum were stored there and at an army camp at Brancepeth near Durham from 1970 before the Beamish site finally opened to the public in 1972.

rowanatkinsonRowan Atkinson CBE

Born 1955.

Bean and Blackadder


TV actor, movie actor and comedian whose title roles include Mr Bean, Blackadder and Johnny English. Born Consett in County Durham, his parents were farmers. He was educated at Durham Chorister School at the same time as Tony Blair and pursued a higher education at Newcastle and Oxford Universities.

avisonCharles Avison


Classical Composer


Newcastle-born English composer of the Baroque and Classical period and a friend of Wiliam Herschel (see also) and William Shield (see also). Avison was organist at St Nicholas Church – now Newcastle Cathedral.  His best known works are the 12 Concerti Grossi after Scarlatti and his written work on music criticism an Essay on Musical Expression.

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