England’s North East

England’s North East is an independent regional hub and portal dedicated to Tyne and Wear, County Durham, Northumberland and the Tees Valley with the occasional dip into North Yorkshire, Cumbria and the Scottish Borders. It is a growing site and our aim is to become the foremost independent regional site in North East England.


We want to promote the best of  North East culture, leisure, business and talent through our site as well as through our associated social media pages. This will be brought to life using our unique regional knowledge to raise the profile of everything North East.

Our pages hope to demonstrate that North East England is a special, vibrant and beautiful place with a unique story to tell. New sections will be added over time exploring the cultural life and prospering business community of the region and we aim to show the best  the region has to offer in all walks of life.

We are open to suggestions about what to include and we can do this independently, free of local politics, government or geographical boundaries.

Some of the features you can explore include our extensive and unique searchable map of Places to Eat and Drink and Places to Visit for days out as well as our extensive and well-established North East History Pages. We are also developing a new North East blog that will cover a wide range of subjects as it continues to grow.

Finally,  there are plenty of opportunities for promoting your business or services or products on our site and we can assist you with promotional services and PR. For further information you can contact us through Truly Awesome Marketing Ltd.

Happy browsing and gan canny.

David Simpson