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Remembering the miners who gave their lives
DAVID SIMPSON recalls the tragic loss of life in the coal mining  history of North East England where literally thousands
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Blessed with Beaches
When you’re out with a young teenage kid it’s hard to beat the beaches of the North East coast. DAVID
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Fiona finds colour in nature’s treasures of the deep
In our latest feature on North East creative talent we talk to artist Fiona Carvell who is based in the
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Twenty North East villages
DAVID SIMPSON explores twenty different villages across the region including some hidden away inside our North East towns. There are hundreds
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Sarah creates a sense of place in colourful magical maps
We talk to 49-year old Morpeth-based artist, Sarah Farooqi in the latest in our series of interviews featuring talented artists and
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Chalk, charcoal and jam sandwiches are a source of pride for artist Alfie
In our latest blog featuring North East artists we talk to the multi-talented Alfie Joey. Alfie, 50, is a writer,
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Adam finds passion and perspective in the ‘Lang Shot’
In our latest blog featuring North East artists and photographers DAVID SIMPSON talks to 44-year-old Gateshead-based photographer Adam Lang of
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